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Bra support comes mostly from the band so it's important that it fits quite close to your ribcage. It can take some work (but, it's worth it!) so be patient and adjust your bra size up or down until you nail it.

Size Bust Waist Hips UK Size US Size
XS 84cm(33in) 60cm(24in) 86cm(34in) 6-8 2-4
S 89cm(35in) 65cm(26in) 91cm(36in) 8-10 4-6


70cm(28in) 96cm(38in) 10-12 6-8
L 99cm(37in) 75cm(30in) 101cm(40in) 12-14 8-10
XL 104cm(41in) 80cm(32in) 106cm(42in) 14-16 10-12



Our fabric is designed to have a matte finish, so if there's an underlying sheen that reflects the light, the fit's too snug. To see what the sheen looks like, stretch the fabric width-wise with your hands. A fit that's too snug may restrict your movement.

Size Bust Waist Hips UK Size US Size
XS 60cm(24in) 99cm(39in) 75cm(29in) 6-8 2-4
S 65cm(26in) 104cm(41in) 76cm(30in) 8-10 4-6


109cm(43in) 78cm(38in) 10-12 6-8
L 75cm(30in) 114cm(45in) 78cm(31in) 12-14 8-10
XL 80cm(32in) 119cm(47in) 79cm(31in) 14-16 10-12